Dear Reader,

It was a hard choice: to go through with publishing my novel, Eighth Winter. Now, the consequences shall be what they will. For it may be...

A blog about a blog

A blog about blogging and the commitment to blog.

Who am I? A Novelist.

The importance of knowing who you are, from the perspective of a writer claiming her identity as a novelist, even in an unpublished state.

Panama: A Wonderland

In a time when childhood consisted of days spent mostly outside, in a place ethereal, we were uninhibited in exploration and unlimited in th

Everybody Laugh Now

A little visualization trick to reduce stress in an overly serious world.

Ode To The Red Dirt Road

Do you have a special, inspirational place? Somewhere that you can always go to soothe your soul and find comfort? Well I do. It's a...


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