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A final inspection to catch any errors before your writing is ready for the world.


Copy Editing

A focus on fact checking, spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and consistency of style.

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Developmental Editing

A deeper editing experience to ensure your writing has a clear, consistent message with the impact you desire.



Personalized, hands-on support to help you construct an impactful piece of writing: from first ideas to first draft.

I’m an author who understands the impact of the written word on clear communication and authentic expression. My goal is to provide you with personalized, professional editing and proofreading services that will make your writing shine.

My goal is to provide you with personalized, professional editing and proofreading services that will make your writing shine.

Whatever kind of writing you need to present: 

Business, Literature, Web Copy, Sales Copy, Personal, Blog Posts, Articles, Resumes, Cover Letters, Handbooks, Letters, Emails, and Anything you need in writing: I can make it shine.


Professional Services Pricing

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.020 ~ .040 cents per word

Before your work is published or shared, a final proofreading ensures there are no errors left over from or missed during the editing process. 
At this stage, your piece of writing has been edited, revised, edited, and even revised some more until it’s near perfection.
Now, a different set of eyes will safeguard your credibility by scanning and marking errors even the most meticulous writer and editors can miss.

.030 ~ .050 cents per word

Copy Editing

You have a developed draft with a well-articulated message.
Now, copy editing focuses on marking and correcting any errors related to mechanics such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage.
Additionally, copy editing focuses on flow, clarity, and consistency of style. Changes are made or suggested that will strengthen the writing overall.

.050 ~ .070 cents per word

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the first step in the professional editing adventure.
Your rough draft is understandably rough and a second set of eyes is needed to help you gauge whether the piece fulfills its intended purpose.
Another perspective, one both sensitive to the creative process and versed in the literary rules of the road, will help turn your first draft into a stronger, more impactful second draft.


.070 ~ .090 cents per word


You know what you want to say, but writing isn’t your thing.

Or, you have a jumble of ideas that could use some unjumbling.

Maybe you’re a writer but you have no time to string together the pieces before the project is due.

Or, you need compelling copy and don’t have a way with words.

Whatever the project, I can take those details, ideas, notes, and jumbles and turn them into a coherent, impactful piece of writing. 

When the right words are hard to find, I can help!


Why Choose Jillian Kae Reimann for your Professional Services?


As a writer, editing and proofreading have always been part of my process. 
Revising, rewriting, and refining a piece of writing is not only what I love to do, but also what I do really well!
In the course of publishing my book, Eighth Winter, I had the privilege of working closely with the editors and proofreaders at Melange Books, LLC. This experience strengthened my passion for enhancing the written word through professional editing and proofreading.
In the corporate world, through a range of administrative roles, I have been responsible for writing, editing, and proofreading written communications such as job descriptions, web copy, policies, employee handbooks, newsletters, company communications, investigative documentation, training manuals, presentations, emails, and personal communications. 
With a BA in social sciences and education, I have personal experience with academic writing. My education did not stop with the completion of my degree, however, as I’m a life-long learner. I continually seek to deepen my understanding of written and spoken communication through continuing education and research.
With an eye for detail, the compulsion for organization, a nerd-level love of language, and an ability to simultaneously keep sight of the big picture, I will take your writing to the next level.
My goal is to provide you with personalized, professional editing and proofreading services that will make your writing shine.


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